Maybe I’m not scared to death right now, maybe I’m literally scared of death now

My previous blog talked about how I’m scared to death of the changes coming up in my life. I sit at home worrying about this more and more, it’s like a never ending circle, but it will have an end, it’s just taking a while (12 weeks today infact). I today broke down and cried… Continue reading Maybe I’m not scared to death right now, maybe I’m literally scared of death now

I feel scared to death right now

2017 was going so well, the change to a new team in Human Resources was going well, a great group of people in a function which I hoped was very aligned to my dreams of simply helping people. I was relatively injury free, no hip and hamstring problems apart from one small scare. I had… Continue reading I feel scared to death right now

Things are becoming clearer

There was a young boy called Mark who had dreams and annoying habits – having a foreign mother and visiting family overseas meant he had a dream to travel and work abroad, much to his mothers dismay he also liked questioning things (why mummy, why?) so problem solving and projects seemed a natural career path… Continue reading Things are becoming clearer

Do you feel valued ?

First week back to work after the Christmas and New Year break, things haven’t been too bad, actually they’ve been pretty  good, but I still have thoughts in my head I want to write down. My definition of bad and expectations of what is good have changed over the last couple of years, life used… Continue reading Do you feel valued ?

Give thanks

Giving thanks is a term often linked to Christmas, but why just at this time of the year. I think it’s the most underused motivational tool out there, so quick and easy to use, but instead people go looking for solutions far more complex. I remember working as a manager once, well I say manager… Continue reading Give thanks

The Trionium Munro

As I continue my comeback from injury I entered my first munro last Sunday, a half marathon race run by a company called Trionium which had the title “the hardest half in Britain”.  I had no idea what a munro was before entering, i thought it was just part of the company name, but now… Continue reading The Trionium Munro