Peak District Skyrace: Possibly the best race yet !

Way back in January, while feeling sorry for myself after injuring my leg and not being able to move off the lounge floor, I started getting down, almost depressed.  I tried to motivate myself by buying god knows how many trainers and running gear, then also started entering races in the hope that one day… Continue reading Peak District Skyrace: Possibly the best race yet !

The Trionium Munro

As I continue my comeback from injury I entered my first munro last Sunday, a half marathon race run by a company called Trionium which had the title “the hardest half in Britain”.  I had no idea what a munro was before entering, i thought it was just part of the company name, but now… Continue reading The Trionium Munro

I’ve been quiet, i’ve been nervous, i’ve achieved

It’s been a while since i blogged, why is this ? Truth is a) been really busy with work and b) been far too nervous about recovery from my leg injury.  Good news is end of March i got approval to try running again, slowly (no choice, can’t even think about running fast) and not… Continue reading I’ve been quiet, i’ve been nervous, i’ve achieved

Slowly, very slowly, does it

So it’s now been 3 months and 2 days since injuring myself – i think injury is an understatement, part of the problem for my slow recovery is the i totally turned a blind eye to what i’d actually done to my leg.  With age comes stubbornness, as well as a slower recovery, not goo… Continue reading Slowly, very slowly, does it

Do what you love

So just over 2 weeks since publishing my book, it’s sold almost 900 copies, had some great reviews, and is topping several best sellers charts on Amazon – amazing, all thanks to taking up a new hobby, being inspired by strangers to challenge myself in races, to then lose every race and to keep on trying.… Continue reading Do what you love

I’ve been writing a book

Short and sweet blog, last year I started blogging to help motivate myself and then it turned into something I shared with others. Whilst the year ended badly through injury, 53 days and counting with no running, I used the time saved productively and set myself some new goals for 2015 – complete a bike… Continue reading I’ve been writing a book

30 long days of no running, what a great opportunity to do something else

It’s now been 30 days since i last ran and injured myself – in the past i’d have been depressed about missing out on something i enjoy for so long but that’s no longer the path i wish to follow.