Gosport half marathon – last race of the year !

At the beginning of the year i entered 2 races, the Portsmouth Coastal half held earlier in the year, and the Gosport half marathon held in November.  I entered both as i was new to racing and simply didn’t want to travel very far – both being on my doorstep. These limited plans went out… Continue reading Gosport half marathon – last race of the year !

Stort30 – Do something extra-ordinary

5 weeks ago i was planning my first marathon, the Farnham Pilgrim trail race, which i completed in 3hr51min. I suffered a lot on this, was under-prepared for the step up from half marathons, under-estimated pre-race and during race nutrition, and suffered (as many others do) from cramps (i should have anticipated this before, i get them… Continue reading Stort30 – Do something extra-ordinary

Journeys, goals, waiting and patience

So this week i’ve been in Zurich, Switzerland, working – stuck in what used to be a mental institution running a workshop with a group of really positive minded people.  The issue we were trying to improve has been around for ages so i kept repeating the word “improve” and ensured i steered away from… Continue reading Journeys, goals, waiting and patience

One week to go……..

This time next week i will have completed my first marathon, well actually it will be my 3rd time i’ve run 26.2 miles but the first time with a group of people in a race, the other 2 were just for fun.  I can’t explain how much i am looking forward to this, it’s no… Continue reading One week to go……..

Rest day, what’s that ?

I’m working in Switzerland this week and am ashamed to admit that tomorrow i can’t fit in any training, got an all day meeting and then straight to the airport. What will i do, will i starve myself in fear that i’ll put on weight, will i try to squeeze in some exercise before work,… Continue reading Rest day, what’s that ?

Supplements, do they work, does it matter ?

A number of my friends are now promoting health food drinks such as Juice Plus and Herbalife.  These people are getting some negative comments from people on social networking, these people point out what a waste of money these are, how you don’t know what’s in them, how expensive they are.  I disagree with their point… Continue reading Supplements, do they work, does it matter ?

End of holidays, back to work tomorrow, three weeks until my first marathon

All good things must come to an end, today is my last day before heading back to work, not such a bad thing – it’s partly because of work that i have the life i have.  Do you ever get days where you hate work, dread going into work, think about calling in sick or… Continue reading End of holidays, back to work tomorrow, three weeks until my first marathon