The Mourne Mountains Skyline and the tale of the imaginary tow rope

Since taking up entering running races a few years ago January has been my month of searching the internet, randomly picking races to enter, seduced by the words “toughest in the UK” or “one of the top races in the country”.  As I’ve got a bit more experienced I’ve reduced my search criteria, for example… Continue reading The Mourne Mountains Skyline and the tale of the imaginary tow rope

Hayling 10 mile race

Last weekend I completed my latest race, a short 10 miler almost on my doorstep. Given so many other races have involved a reasonable amount of travel, and also were longer distances, i approached this race with complacency – big mistake !

Preparing for my next race – 10 miles on Sunday

Time has flown past since my last race, so much so that my legs feel like they haven’t quite recovered, but this Sunday i have the chance to run a local 10 miler on Hayling Island – i’m looking at it as a replacement for the usual longer weekend run.

Gosport half marathon – last race of the year !

At the beginning of the year i entered 2 races, the Portsmouth Coastal half held earlier in the year, and the Gosport half marathon held in November.  I entered both as i was new to racing and simply didn’t want to travel very far – both being on my doorstep. These limited plans went out… Continue reading Gosport half marathon – last race of the year !

Stort30 – Do something extra-ordinary

5 weeks ago i was planning my first marathon, the Farnham Pilgrim trail race, which i completed in 3hr51min. I suffered a lot on this, was under-prepared for the step up from half marathons, under-estimated pre-race and during race nutrition, and suffered (as many others do) from cramps (i should have anticipated this before, i get them… Continue reading Stort30 – Do something extra-ordinary

“Start acting like a child”

Been a little while since i updated my blog, i’m being selfish as i’ve had so much going on at work, so much outside of work, and lots going on in my head. I’m not on vacation for a week so the first excuse is dying off, the others are still there, so here’s a… Continue reading “Start acting like a child”

Cause and effect

When i was bodybuilding i had a really bad back, not a bad back, this was really bad – some days i could hardly move.  This was caused by lifting heavy weights and not bothering to warm up or stretch, school boy error.  I followed doctors advice and rested it, got physio, but it got… Continue reading Cause and effect