2016 – What a great year

So I ended my second book with this paragraph To sum up, this year has been about going further than before with others, next year I’m going to try balancing this off with also going faster but alone. I don’t know how I will manage this, I’m usually an all or nothing kind of person,… Continue reading 2016 – What a great year

A busy couple of weeks so a rather long blog

Things have been crazy recently, at work pressure is building for a project I’m leading, then there’s been the problem of me finding my legs again so entering races whilst finding it difficult to put down the cycling which I started for rehab, resulting in even more (cycle) races. I decided to try prioritising activity… Continue reading A busy couple of weeks so a rather long blog

Setbacks bring new challenges – bike race / sportive !

So while injured and rehabilitating on a bike i started making plans for retirement from running, not in a negative way, but as a way to look for new opportunities and challenges.  I decided to take my rehab routine and do something with it, so entered something called a cycling sportive – i had no… Continue reading Setbacks bring new challenges – bike race / sportive !

Do what you love

So just over 2 weeks since publishing my book, it’s sold almost 900 copies, had some great reviews, and is topping several best sellers charts on Amazon – amazing, all thanks to taking up a new hobby, being inspired by strangers to challenge myself in races, to then lose every race and to keep on trying.… Continue reading Do what you love

A great year with a frustrating end

 2014 has been great, awesome, fantastic, inspiring, fulfilling – in fact it’s possibly been the best one yet in my 42 years on this planet. I’ve not only achieved so much at home and at work, but i’ve also actually enjoyed achieving this – i know so many high achievers who achieve great things at… Continue reading A great year with a frustrating end

Cause and effect

When i was bodybuilding i had a really bad back, not a bad back, this was really bad – some days i could hardly move.  This was caused by lifting heavy weights and not bothering to warm up or stretch, school boy error.  I followed doctors advice and rested it, got physio, but it got… Continue reading Cause and effect