February, continuing my early Spring cleaning

In my last blog i talked about 5S, getting rid of “stuff”, making sure the things i kept were useful and in good order, and starting a lifestyle in which old habits don’t grow back. This was the start of a cleansing period for me, I continued doing this both with physical items as well… Continue reading February, continuing my early Spring cleaning

Do what you love

So just over 2 weeks since publishing my book, it’s sold almost 900 copies, had some great reviews, and is topping several best sellers charts on Amazon – amazing, all thanks to taking up a new hobby, being inspired by strangers to challenge myself in races, to then lose every race and to keep on trying.… Continue reading Do what you love

A great year with a frustrating end

 2014 has been great, awesome, fantastic, inspiring, fulfilling – in fact it’s possibly been the best one yet in my 42 years on this planet. I’ve not only achieved so much at home and at work, but i’ve also actually enjoyed achieving this – i know so many high achievers who achieve great things at… Continue reading A great year with a frustrating end

Preparing for my next race – 10 miles on Sunday

Time has flown past since my last race, so much so that my legs feel like they haven’t quite recovered, but this Sunday i have the chance to run a local 10 miler on Hayling Island – i’m looking at it as a replacement for the usual longer weekend run.

“Start acting like a child”

Been a little while since i updated my blog, i’m being selfish as i’ve had so much going on at work, so much outside of work, and lots going on in my head. I’m not on vacation for a week so the first excuse is dying off, the others are still there, so here’s a… Continue reading “Start acting like a child”

Journeys, goals, waiting and patience

So this week i’ve been in Zurich, Switzerland, working – stuck in what used to be a mental institution running a workshop with a group of really positive minded people.  The issue we were trying to improve has been around for ages so i kept repeating the word “improve” and ensured i steered away from… Continue reading Journeys, goals, waiting and patience

Practice may not quite make perfect, but it helps

The saying is “practice makes perfect”, but is there such a thing as perfect ? The world moves at such a pace that if you set a goal and reach it, by the time you reached it the system in which that goal exists has changed and the goal is probably out of date.