A busy couple of weeks so a rather long blog

Things have been crazy recently, at work pressure is building for a project I’m leading, then there’s been the problem of me finding my legs again so entering races whilst finding it difficult to put down the cycling which I started for rehab, resulting in even more (cycle) races. I decided to try prioritising activity… Continue reading A busy couple of weeks so a rather long blog

Setbacks bring new challenges – bike race / sportive !

So while injured and rehabilitating on a bike i started making plans for retirement from running, not in a negative way, but as a way to look for new opportunities and challenges.  I decided to take my rehab routine and do something with it, so entered something called a cycling sportive – i had no… Continue reading Setbacks bring new challenges – bike race / sportive !

Never, ever, stop trying

I received this quote in my in-box this week, as always as it made me think about it more, i believe there is a lot more to this quote than to tell people to simply keep trying.  What do i mean by this ? Keep on reading………

Practice may not quite make perfect, but it helps

The saying is “practice makes perfect”, but is there such a thing as perfect ? The world moves at such a pace that if you set a goal and reach it, by the time you reached it the system in which that goal exists has changed and the goal is probably out of date.

One week to go……..

This time next week i will have completed my first marathon, well actually it will be my 3rd time i’ve run 26.2 miles but the first time with a group of people in a race, the other 2 were just for fun.  I can’t explain how much i am looking forward to this, it’s no… Continue reading One week to go……..

Almost 2,000 km run in 2014, how will i reward myself ?

Goal setting is great for motivation, positive thinking will get you to your goal, clarity and clear mental focus will help you reach a little easier, but what happens at then end, how do you reward yourself ?