Do what you love

CaptureSo just over 2 weeks since publishing my book, it’s sold almost 900 copies, had some great reviews, and is topping several best sellers charts on Amazon – amazing, all thanks to taking up a new hobby, being inspired by strangers to challenge myself in races, to then lose every race and to keep on trying.

As I did when I took up running, I question where is all this leading to ?

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I’m not content with doing something for the fun of it, it took time and effort, plus courage, to publish this, so I’m searching for payback.  On the soft side, I think it’s yet again pushed me towards becoming a better person, putting my thoughts, private life and weaknesses out there in public means people understand me better (I hope) but also makes me confront weaknesses head on.

The book also helped me motivate myself to push myself harder in 2015, I have many great races and adventures planned, this starts in 10 weeks with the Three Forts Marathon (plus 1 mile).  I am still not sure I can manage this, I still can’t run, but I continue to follow my training schedule through other ways – for example last night was meant to be 8 x 500 meter hills, so instead I did 10 x 500 meters on a stair climber, Sunday was meant to be an 18 mile easy run so I did 36 miles on my road bike.  I feel so fit right now, I’m confident if i can get some time on my feet for 4 to 8 weeks before the race then I will complete it, not fast, but I will complete it.

My challenges this year will push me higher (got the 3 Peaks Challenge in June, Peak District Sky Run in August), further (50 mile race in Brecon Beacons in November), plus new sports (50 mile bike race in May). All of these scare the hell out of me but also excites me massively, I will do the best I can in every event, no doubt lose all of them, and then I will come back for more.   Book

My day job will also challenge me, a big project continues, however deep down I do now think a lot more often where my future is going, I feel the need to challenge myself on this front now as well, not sure how though.

If you haven’t read my book please take the time to look it up (click here), if you enjoy it please share with others and leave a review on Amazon.  It’s a thank you from me to all those who inspired me in the past, and a chance for me to try to become a similar inspiration to others.

What are you doing different in 2015 vs 2014, and what do you expect to gain out of this – hard cash, new skills, or something deeper?

All the best,




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