30 long days of no running, what a great opportunity to do something else

It’s now been 30 days since i last ran and injured myself – in the past i’d have been depressed about missing out on something i enjoy for so long but that’s no longer the path i wish to follow.


30 days, no running, what that means is i’ve probably gained about 40 hours at least of my life.  This could be used to sit at home feeling sorry for myself, miserable, a real pain in the arse to my wife, or i can chose to reinvest the time and do different things.  I chose the latter………..

  • Enjoy Christmas and New Year, relax about what i eat and drink
  • Get out on my bike more, i bought a road bike back in July but hardly used it since
  • Read more, i usually only read when i’m commuting on the train or plane, or when i’m sat on a beach
  • Sleep better, when i’m running i usually run in the mornings so go to bed planning my morning run, this keeps my mind racing overnight so i wake up at stupid o’clock and go out.  I’ve managed to sleep in until 8am far more regularly recently
  • Let my body recover – almost 2,000 miles run in 2014, 60% more than 2013, that was just plane stupid, my body was getting tired, i can see this from my pace and also aches & pains.  I need to understand the difference between quality mileage and mileage for the sake of numbers.  Rule of thumb is to increase mileage by no more than 10% week on week, and then have weeks where you rest/recover, i didn’t do this at all.  2015 i will use my bike more on “rest” days – i know it’s not strictly resting, but it’s a start
  • Let my feet recover – slightly different to above, by this i mean my feet have started to rebuild themselves, the dead toenails are starting to look a little better, the blisters cleared up !
  • I’ve even found time to go to the ballet, last year i said to my wife a number of times i’d like to go, so in my new found spare time i booked up and went to watch The Nutcracker – in one word, “AWESOME”
  • Lastly, i’ve managed to lose weight over Xmas and New Year despite no running – currently at 84kg as opposed to 89kg when i injured myself.  At first i thought this was weird given the calories i devoured during this period, however in hindsight it makes sense, the exercise i’ve been doing is at a slightly lower heartrate than when i run, i’ve been in the far buring zone far more.  When i race in 2015 i’d love to get to 75-80kg range, it will help with my performance, especially seeing as my first race in May, a trail 27 miler with 500m elevation, i will have had less preparation time so i’m planning to offset this with better diet

images (1)

So what i’m trying to get across here is that life does not have to stop because you’re injured.  The time saved can make you a better person, can be productive in so many other ways, and i’m betting than when i return to running in the next few weeks i will find it’s even helped my performance.  Stick with a positive attitude, motivate yourself by making plans, but also keep yourself happy by thinking of all the other great things you can do with your time.

On the injury front, the shin is healing slowly, i visited a physio last week who told me i had also damaged my pelvis.  My hips are not aligned which is causing me to limp, the limp is causing extra stress on the shin/knee.  He did some of his physio magic on Friday, this weekend i’ve felt much better, and go back today (Monday) for a second session.  Let’s hope that by walking straight for a while the other pains will reduce and i can attempt a short run, at the moment the pain is still too much so just walking is the most i can do.

What have you done with your time when out injured, do you struggle to stay motivated, how do you overcome this ?

2 thoughts on “30 long days of no running, what a great opportunity to do something else

  1. I hope you get to recover fully soon.
    It’s good you are getting to let your body recover and enjoying your forced time off.
    Last time I got injured (July 2014) I was off for 2 month. Mentally was horrible, I started biking to try to stay fit, even though I was anxious to get back on the road walking, I had to be careful or would have compromised my health for longer than 2 months.
    I think the worst is when you come back, because you want to start full on but can’t.
    Again, here’s hoping you recover quickly.


    1. Thanks for the positive thoughts, I’ve entered 2 races to stay motivated and next week will start my training but will do it on a bike (using equation bike distance = 3 x run distance) until i can run. At the moment i can only dream of running 😭


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