Stort30 – Do something extra-ordinary

5 weeks ago i was planning my first marathon, the Farnham Pilgrim trail race, which i completed in 3hr51min. I suffered a lot on this, was under-prepared for the step up from half marathons, under-estimated pre-race and during race nutrition, and suffered (as many others do) from cramps (i should have anticipated this before, i get them… Continue reading Stort30 – Do something extra-ordinary

“Start acting like a child”

Been a little while since i updated my blog, i’m being selfish as i’ve had so much going on at work, so much outside of work, and lots going on in my head. I’m not on vacation for a week so the first excuse is dying off, the others are still there, so here’s a… Continue reading “Start acting like a child”

Journeys, goals, waiting and patience

So this week i’ve been in Zurich, Switzerland, working – stuck in what used to be a mental institution running a workshop with a group of really positive minded people.  The issue we were trying to improve has been around for ages so i kept repeating the word “improve” and ensured i steered away from… Continue reading Journeys, goals, waiting and patience

It only takes 52,000 steps

I believe anyone can complete a marathon, all you need to do is to be able to put one foot in front of the other, and repeat around 52,000 times.

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today

This year i ran my first 5k, 10 mile, 13 mile, and 26 mile races, this was still not enough (enough for what ? I do not know).  So to continue finding the what ? I had plans to move up to ultra marathon distance next year, The problem is that the future is so… Continue reading Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today

Cause and effect

When i was bodybuilding i had a really bad back, not a bad back, this was really bad – some days i could hardly move.  This was caused by lifting heavy weights and not bothering to warm up or stretch, school boy error.  I followed doctors advice and rested it, got physio, but it got… Continue reading Cause and effect