Never, ever, stop trying

I received this quote in my in-box this week, as always as it made me think about it more, i believe there is a lot more to this quote than to tell people to simply keep trying.  What do i mean by this ? Keep on reading………

Running update first, since my marathon on 21st September i’ve gone straight back to running – the schedule has been

Sunday – marathon 3h51m
Monday – cycling
Tuesday – 10k intervals run 50m
Wednesday cycling and weights
Thursday – 21k trail run 1h50m
Friday – weights
Saturday – 32k slow run 2h45m
Sunday – 1k swim
Monday – 13k intervals run 1h3m

I read about what to do after a marathon, the advice was to rest, but apart from some blisters and dead toenails, i feel great, i have no aches or pains, so why rest if the exercise is still motivating me? The biggest dilemma running through my head is what next ? My life seems a little empty without an immediate goal – i have a project at work which is keeping me busy, but i like to balance work and social goals out. I have the Gosport half marathon in November, i entered this at the start of the year but must admit it now doesn’t excite me, 13 miles flat road running, i don’t run for speed so it’s not really my kind of course – i definitely prefer running trails, cross country, hills, etc, as they challenge me to do things i’ve hated in the past.

My mind is currently occupied by a 50k trail race in 4 weeks time, it’s relatively flat so i reckon i could do this sub 4hr 15m as long as i remember to hydrate better. It’s also my 42nd birthday so i look at this as a birthday treat for myself (weird treat, almost every year in the past i would treat myself to an all-inclusive holiday). I will make a decision over the coming weeks. I’m continuing to stick to the 3 day a week FIRST marathon training schedule, i’m travelling quite a lot right now (typing this from a hotel in Lisbon), i can still fit in 3 days a week and do the distances prescribed +20% to push myself. Diet has gone out the window right now, maybe that’s a good thing as i don’t eat enough and with the miles i do i can probably get away with a less structured diet for a while.

Back to the introduction, as usual i had read this quote and then thought about it when running on Saturday. I was analysing my running and although i wouldn’t say i fail, i wouldn’t say i’m making giant steps forward. In my head i was thinking if you try something and fail (or don’t hit your goal), but if you keep trying by doing exactly the same thing as you did the first time then you’re not going to get anywhere.  If you’ve failed to reach your goal then obviously something hasn’t quite gone right, it could be technique, it could be effort, it could be weather, it could be diet, etc.  I think this further quote sums up what i’m trying to say –


So basically, if you fail and then try again, unless you take your time, think about what you did and improve it, you’re almost certainly doomed to get what you got the first time (no success) – you’re not a failure, but you’re going to have to rely on a lot of luck to become a success.  I use this thinking all the time for myself but also in my job – think to yourself, are you happy at work ? If not, what have you done different to make the next day better than the last ? If you do nothing then it’s pretty likely things won’t improve.  We spend a lot of time at work, it’s something most people have to do, so it’s an obvious choice – make a change, worst case it won’t work but at least you’re no worse off than before, best case is things will improve.

Signing off now as i think i’m now just repeating myself, a long day starting with a 04:00am taxi has taken it’s toll on me.

Have a great week…………..


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