48 hours and i’ll be off !

In exactly 48 hours time i will be stood on the start line of the Farnham Pilgrim marathon, a little nervous, hyper excited, trying to calm myself down so i don’t set off as if i were chasing Mo Farah down the road. images
Am i too positive about this, am i being complacent about the challenge ahead, have i overdone the taper (lack of taper?), have i eaten enough food (is there ever enough food in your life), what will i do after this?
All these questions and more will be answered in around 52 hours time.

Quick training update, i’ve been away working in Zurich, Switzerland, again this week, not ideal preparation – lack of sleep due to not being in my own bed, long days in meetings, not so good with food, too much strong coffee (causing pretty bad dehydration and cramps), but i now have 2 days to get rid of those poor excuses and man up.

Last 7 days i’ve run around 70km, down quite a bit from previous weeks but still fairly high – while away i didn’t have time for long runs in the mornings so i did 3-5 miles up and down hills, usually around 6am before going to work.  No rest days this week, i appreciate i need rest but cutting back on mileage is also rest, a whole day off seems to dampen my motivation.

Food leading up to this run was planned as 3 days low carb/high protein & fat, and then 3 days high carb/low protein & fat.  I have kind of stuck to that, not as disciplined as i would have if i’d been home, i even had 2 glasses of wine with my meal on Wednesday, but my body feels fine.  If anything, following this diet has had a similar effect to my bodybuilding days, the low carb/ drink water, coffee & alcohol has resulted in me losing some water retention, bodyweight dropped below 85 kg, and now i pump in the carbs veins are popping out all over the place and weight coming back to normal.  I know it’s a little vain but looking good can be extremely motivating.

No motivational chat today, just a motivational picture.  This picture sums up the reason why i am  currently looking forward to my run – the scenery, the distance, the effort required, and an example of the kind of people who inspire me. download Robert Young is also known as MarathonManUK – he is aiming to raise a heap of money for a cause close to his heart, and to achieve this he aims to run 367 (or more) marathons over 365 days.  He holds down a regular job so has to get up real early most days to run 26.2 miles before work, is then in work before a lot of people have even crawled out of bed to watch Jeremy Kyle.  Why does it take people like this to do things like this, why don’t the people who feel they have no luck, no hope, no life and sit at home feeling sorry for themselves while expecting others to feel sorry for them and subsidize their life through benefits take up the challenge and do things like this ? This is what makes the difference between someone who achieves and someone who doesn’t, it’s our attitude, what we do with our lives.  I didn’t have a privileged background when being brought up, i just worked hard just as my mum taught me, Robert Young certainly didn’t have an easy life, and there are so many more people like this who see adversity and circumstances as a reason to try harder, not to give up.

Here’s the link to Roberts website if you want to know more http://www.marathonmanuk.com/

I made contact with him via Twitter and i’m delighted to know he’s also running the Farnham Pilgrim marathon.  I plan to meet up with him at the start line, if possible will run along with him for as long as possible, ashamed to say that he’s now run over 169 of these in the last 158 days and will probably still go faster than me, but perhaps running with him will inspire me further.

Have a great day…………..

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