Never, ever, stop trying

I received this quote in my in-box this week, as always as it made me think about it more, i believe there is a lot more to this quote than to tell people to simply keep trying.  What do i mean by this ? Keep on reading………

Practice may not quite make perfect, but it helps

The saying is “practice makes perfect”, but is there such a thing as perfect ? The world moves at such a pace that if you set a goal and reach it, by the time you reached it the system in which that goal exists has changed and the goal is probably out of date.

Done it !

Farnham marathon today, my first marathon, i was so excited about this, maybe a little too excited as towards the end i ignored my training and diet plans, had nowhere near enough rest or sleep, but i somehow got through it – reward was a t-shirt, medal, blood blister and another dead toenail.

48 hours and i’ll be off !

In exactly 48 hours time i will be stood on the start line of the Farnham Pilgrim marathon, a little nervous, hyper excited, trying to calm myself down so i don’t set off as if i were chasing Mo Farah down the road.  Am i too positive about this, am i being complacent about the… Continue reading 48 hours and i’ll be off !

One week to go……..

This time next week i will have completed my first marathon, well actually it will be my 3rd time i’ve run 26.2 miles but the first time with a group of people in a race, the other 2 were just for fun.  I can’t explain how much i am looking forward to this, it’s no… Continue reading One week to go……..

Rest day, what’s that ?

I’m working in Switzerland this week and am ashamed to admit that tomorrow i can’t fit in any training, got an all day meeting and then straight to the airport. What will i do, will i starve myself in fear that i’ll put on weight, will i try to squeeze in some exercise before work,… Continue reading Rest day, what’s that ?

I can’t run another mile, walk another step, last another minute, or can I ?

Do you ever think this when running, or even thinking of examples outside of running do you ever think you can’t go the extra mile to complete a task ? Should the word “can’t” be replaced with the word “won’t” ?