Leadership vs management

Leadership “a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task”. Management “the organization and coordination of the activities of an enterprise in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of clearly defined objectives”.  Two totally different skills, one could be called inclusive, the other sometimes exclusive, quite hard to combine the two, often really hard for a manager to admit they are wrong.

So a few days in Holland has flown by, no running, slightly dodgy diet, but i feel safe in the knowledge that my 32 inch waist trousers fit just as well on me now as they did before the trip, i’ve not got fat and perhaps the rest has made me fitter ? Let’s see tomorrow, a short 5km run and then time to try out my new bike 🙂 download

Training has gone really well, lots of questions, lots of good feedback, lots of things whizzing through my head as I write this regarding how i can improve this for next time.  I responded to the voice of my customers by adding in some extra bits into the training, this was well received but added time to the training, but i didn’t plan for people to turn up late (car broke down, unable to plan for this), return from breaks a little too slowly (will stress rules clearer next time), and problems with my new work PC (no RGB connection for projectors, i now just have HDMI – i have a converter but what i didn’t know is that since i’m still plugging the projector in via HDMI the PC thinks i’m emitting sound via this source which i’m not, this disables sound from any other source such as PC or external speakers).  The course had some great feedback, the best bit for me was some lady coming up to me at the end saying she found me to be a really good motivator, so positive and that she wished she could keep this going herself and with her team.  Whilst I try to ensure training adds benefit to my company and to the trainees, i appreciated this feedback since it’s what i try to focus on most in training now, continuous improvement (at least the basics of) is quite straight forward – everyone loves to moan about things, i just push them one step forward and ask them to also give me some options.  You can’t just give people some tools and expect magic, they need to be motivated by their leaders (leaders = managers who motivate & respect teams, rather than tell & control them), this is a skill which i think so many people ignore – reason being it’s personal and people don’t like looking at themselves as being the problem.  images

I logging off now, simple reason is just 30 mins free wifi.  My plane is now delayed an hour so plenty of time to sit here and do some more self reflection, how can i improve myself, my training, my future – so many questions, so many options, let’s see what happens.

All the best…..

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